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Journal of Hubei Automotive Industries Institute

ISSN 1008-5483 
Organizer: hu bei qi che gong ye xue yuan  
Publisher: hu bei qi che gong ye xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is sponsored by the Hubei Automotive Industries Institute national academic journals, founded in December 1987, quarterly, domestic and foreign public offering. Magazine reported in scientific research, academic exchanges, active academic air, and promote scientific and technological achievements into productive forces, the social construction of culture and found talents. Publishes automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, materials engineering, electrical engineering, management, engineering, basic sciences and other aspects of academic, research reports, comprehensive academic review. Included in the "Chinese Academic Journal (CD)", "China Journal", "Articles - Digital Periodicals" and "scholar digital periodical" by the Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database, Chinese Scientific Journal Database, Chinese core Journals (selection) database and full text of CEPS included Chinese Electronic Periodical Services. Hubei College of appraisals won the second prize, the first national "CAJ-CD specification," Executive Excellence Award. (Translated by machine.)