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Journal of Hebei Engineering and Technical College

ISSN 1008-3782 
Organizer: he bei gong cheng ji shu gao deng zhuan ke xue xiao  
Publisher: he bei gong cheng ji shu gao deng zhuan ke xue xiao xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Our School Journal Founded in January 1990. 1990-1997 for internal publications, organized by the University, Hebei Education Commission, in charge since 1999, the first phase of the beginning of public offering of our school. Still my school organized, Hebei Province Department of Education director of the quarterly Journal, is a class of natural science and technology journals, on the circulation of 1000. This publication published in hydraulic engineering, civil engineering, municipal engineering, electrical engineering, technology, computer technology and other aspects of the new theory, new ideas, new technologies, new materials, new techniques, new methods, but also basic theories published research and high-tech research results. Audience of teachers and students to institutions of higher learning and research center () and enterprises, scientific research and engineering and technical personnel. (Translated by machine.)