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Nuclear Safety

ISSN 1672-5360 
Organizer: guo jia huan jing bao hu ju he yu fu she an quan zhong xin  
Publisher: he an quan za zhi she  
Description: Publication director of the State Environmental Protection Administration, State Environmental Protection Administration and the Radiation Safety Center-sponsored comprehensive guide journals. Its purpose is to promote nuclear safety and elaboration of guidelines, policies, regulations and standards, discuss issues of nuclear safety technology and management, review and exchange of nuclear safety research and management experience, and universal nuclear safety knowledge, presentations and reports at home and abroad involving nuclear security information and dynamic, and promote China's nuclear energy, nuclear technology application industry. Main audience for the nuclear safety supervision and management department staff, nuclear safety and radiation safety supervision and management of professional and technical personnel, civilian nuclear facilities design, construction and operation of unit personnel, application of nuclear technology unit staff, related to nuclear science and technology researchers and related institutions of higher education teachers and students. (Translated by machine.)