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Natural Science Journal of Hainan University

ISSN 1004-1729 
Organizer: hai nan da xue  
Publisher: hai nan da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is organized by the University of Hainan comprehensive academic journal, founded in 1983, domestic public offering. Publishes science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, sports and other subjects of the latest research results. Publication since 1989, has received 6 awards: in 1989 by the National College of Natural Science of outstanding editorial quality of third place; in 1995 by the National College of Natural Science of the system excellent third place; Hainan Province in 1997 were Excellent Product Award Spirit; outstanding college in 1999 by the National Natural Science of outstanding scientific and technological journals, and third prize of Ministry of Education; 2001 was elected to the State Press and Publication Administration of China Journal Journal of double-effect matrix; 2004 by the National Excellent Scientific Journals University second prize. Will continue to adhere to the purpose of the magazine publication, innovation and continuous improvement of quality, founder of the Chinese name for the Journal and work hard. (Translated by machine.)