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Coastal Engineering

ISSN 1002-3682 
Organizer: shan dong hai an gong cheng xue hui  
Publisher: hai an gong cheng bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is a coastal engineering and marine environmental science with a comprehensive academic publications. The main contents include: Harbour, the coastal environment, contact the whole estuary, coastal protection, port, jetties, beaches and discharging into the sea dike construction, energy, minerals, fisheries and other coastal kelp resources development and research aspects of the research results, academic of Speech, investigation and laboratory reports, Haiyan engineering design and construction of the new methods, new technology and business management experience and thematic overview and describes the domestic and international coastal engineering and the latest scientific developments. Articles attention theory with practice, in particular, focus on its practical, suitable for coastal zone and its engineering and science-related research, teaching, engineering and technical personnel and marine development workers to read. (Translated by machine.)