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Industrial Instrumentation & Automation

ISSN 1000-0682 
Organizer: xi an gong ye zi dong hua yi biao yan jiu suo  
Publisher: gong ye yi biao yu zi dong hua zhuang zhi bian ji bu  
Description: The publication of the Science and Technology of China instrument industry bimonthly. That the process control engineering design and construction services as the main purpose of actively promoting domestic and international automation and instrumentation industry, research design, information and trends, new technologies and new processes, communication in the design, operation, use, maintenance and other aspects of experience. Timely reports on automation and instrumentation industry, domestic and international direction of development and the latest technology, including instrumentation, process control, industrial control, communications, field bus, system engineering, is engaged in automation engineering design, application and instrumentation industry in the scientific research, production, management, design, operation and related tertiary students and teachers of teachers. (Translated by machine.)