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Industrial Measurement

ISSN 1002-1183 
Organizer: ye jin zi dong hua yan jiu she ji yuan  
Publisher: gong ye ji liang bian ji bu  
Description: Industrial Measurement "by the National Science and Technology Commission and the approval of the State Press and Publications Administration, Chinese Measurement Association commissioned a contractor, domestic and international public offering, the industrial measurement field of integrated science and technology journals. She measured the financial management and measurement technology as a whole, assimilative integration of total control, industrial automation and quality standardization, authoritative, practical and advanced. ◆ "Industrial Measurement" major reports on the measurement of work laws and regulations; exchange measurement management experience; introduce advanced and practical Measurement and Testing Technology; of measurement theory; promote domestic industrial new achievements in the field of measurement and new methods. ◆ "industrial measurement" is the academic journal evaluation database source journals, the Chinese Scientometric Indicators database source journals and the "China Academic Journal (CD)" selected journals, periodicals database selected core journals in China. ◆ "Industrial Measurement," Journal of the main sections are: complete measuring system, enterprise metrology, measurement test and test, measurement management, information technology and control, experience, measurement devices and applications, measurement uncertainty, measurement digest the essence of measuring more than a dozen workers forum section. ◆ "industrial measurement" audience measurement for the industry engaged in, namely, work control managers, technicians, front-line workers, and business layers of operating managers, relevant professional institutions and students, design institutes and manufacturers the design of measuring instruments personnel and instrumentation, and other vendors. (Translated by machine.)