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Optical Instruments

ISSN 1005-5630 
Organizer: zhong guo yi qi yi biao xue hui shang hai li gong da xue shang hai guang xue yi qi yan jiu suo zhong guo guang xue xue hui gong cheng guang xue zhuan ye wei yuan hui  
Publisher: guang xue yi qi bian ji bu  
Description: Publication through academic exchanges, industry technology information dissemination, research promotion, protection into the development of China's optical industry and to meet the needs of a market economy, as readers services. Content includes: the optical system, design and research instruments and equipment, testing technology, application technology, optical materials and components, film, technology, review, technology and application of new products, market information, company profiles and industry information and trends, industry standardization and other columns. Its rich content and informative. (Translated by machine.)