Journal of Guangxi Institute of Socialism 2011 Issue 1 Practice the Scientific Concept of Development Diligently to Complete "Six Articles" of the Economical United Front
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Journal of Guangxi Institute of Socialism
2011 Issue 1
Training Model, Free Education and System Reform
Synthetical Coordinated Reforms Group of Guangxi V
Discussion on Family Ethics Thought of Dong Zhongshu
DING Zheng-ya
gao yue封3
juan shou yu
Summary Research on Development Process of the Third Party
LUO Ping;ZHOU Qiao-sheng
Ponder on the United Front Serving Development of Urban and Rural
ZHANG Bing-wen;HUANG Fei
Practice and Ponder on the "Four Enter" of Cultural United Front in Liuzhou
Group of United Front Work Department of the CPC L
Discussion on Max\'s System Construction and Practice about Fair Principle
ZHANG Zhi-yong;SI Chun-xia