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Journal of Guangxi Academy of Sciences

ISSN 1002-7378 
Organizer: guang xi ke xue yuan  
Publisher: guang xi ke xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Guangxi Academy of Sciences journal sponsored a comprehensive journal of natural science, domestic and international public offering, quarterly. Guangxi Academy of Sciences study published in the major property of their respective units of the research reports, academic research and current work, both inside and outside Guangxi region also contains natural science research, Selected number of new technologies and new trends in the report, a review of special areas, important works Comments, natural science and social science cross soft scientific research. "Guangxi Academy of Sciences" founded in 1982, has now issued 50; Guangxi has been rated as the second and third best journals, second and third; by the Chinese Academic Journal (CD), Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation database as the indexed journals; has joined the China Journal Net. (Translated by machine.)