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Optics and Precision Engineering

ISSN 1004-924X 
Organizer: zhong guo ke xue yuan chang chun guang xue jing mi ji xie yu wu li yan jiu suo zhong guo yi qi yi biao xue hui  
Publisher: guang xue jing mi gong cheng bian ji bu  
Description: "Optics and Precision Engineering," Technology Overview "Optics and Precision Engineering" (Optics and Precision Engineering) is the competent Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun Institute of Optics Fine Mechanics and Physics, China Instrument Society, Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology co-sponsored international academic journals. Journal founded in 1959, "Optical Machinery," ceased publication in 1966, reopened in 1975, 1993, changed its name to "Optics and Precision Engineering." Is now 16 mo, bimonthly, Science Publishing House, domestic and foreign public offering. "Optics and Precision Engineering," first editor of the first generation of China's famous optical homes Wang Daheng, then chief editor of a Zhangzuo Mei, Tang Jiuhua and Chen Xing Dan, the current editor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Optoelectronics Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Cao Jianlin. 50 years of change, "Optics and Precision Engineering" from start to grow, grow, especially since the reform and opening up the development of shows from one side of the application of modern optics and micro-nano technology and precision engineering, the rise and development of cross-disciplinary context of the skeleton and . Now, "Optics and Precision Engineering," China has become the oldest, at home and abroad The bigger, the impact was relatively wide range of modern applied optics and micro-nano technology and precision engineering, interdisciplinary academic journals, has won domestic and foreign counterparts widespread recognition and reputation, including Nobel Prize winners are Professor Charles H. Townes, including some of the highly renowned international scholars, is considered to be publications with Chinese characteristics, and laid it in China, the important position of science and technology journals. "Optics and Precision Engineering," Since it began, the right-oriented subjects to carry out scientific research, to accelerate the birth of scientific research, in order to play the role of foresight and direction for our modern applied optics and micro-nano technology and precision engineering to play catch up with international advanced level an irreplaceable role of bridge and link. In recent years, "Optics and Precision Engineering" to continue to improve the academic quality to enhance the core competitiveness of the concept in the journal, academic quality, quality editing, publishing and publicity, and the use of modern information technology, to further accelerate international standards pace. "Optics and Precision Engineering," the editorial board from around the world authoritative scholars, the editorial department is located in Changchun Institute of Optics Fine Mechanics and Physics Institute. "Optics and Precision Engineering," published in modern applied optics and micro-nano technology and precision engineering of high-level theoretical and applied research results, including: 1) space optics; 2) optical materials and nano materials; 3) optical design and system; 4) Laser and laser technology; 5) optical communication; 6) micro-nano technology and precision machinery; 7) Medical optics; 8) advanced manufacturing technology; 9), information theory and information processing technology 10) testing technology and equipment and related cross-disciplinary and so on. "Optics and Precision Engineering," the readers to relevant professional engaged in research, teaching, production, operation of researchers and engineers, and graduate students. Forefront of the development for the international academic field, with the national knowledge innovation system as the basis, tracking hot topics to strengthen organizational and excellent collection of articles, first published innovative, academic-oriented and authoritative. All accepted manuscripts are in print, CD-ROM, online and other published simultaneously. "Optics and Precision Engineering," is famous retrieval systems, such as Engineering Index (EI), the UK Science Abstracts (INSPEC), Chemical Abstracts (CA), Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), Russia Abstracts Journal (AJ) and other Search publications and databases included. "Optics and Precision Engineering," the editorial board expectations and scientists, authors, readers, publishers and information systems to unite under a common goal of mutual support and cooperation, China's government and its departments in the organization and coordination to jointly create a Science and Technology of China journals in good environment for world-class academic journal founded unremitting efforts, China to speed up the integration into the international academic journals Science and Technology Exchange. (Translated by machine.)