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Journal of Chemical Engineering of Chinese Universities

ISSN 1003-9015 
Organizer: zhe jiang da xue  
Publisher: gao xiao hua xue gong cheng xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Journal of Chemical Engineering," Introduction to chemical engineering in our country under the auspices of the older generation of experts in the country some of the many famous universities in chemical engineering and technology disciplines with the support of experts in 1989, the report to the former State Education Commission and the State Science and Technology and was approved, "Journal of Chemical Engineering" has been officially published! Since then, the University has become the subject of chemical engineering and technology to the domestic chemical industry on the latest research results and the importance of academic exchanges garden. "Journal of Chemical Engineering," the purpose of the magazine is: serving as the discipline of chemical engineering and technology education and research services, a comprehensive, correct and reflect the rapid technical disciplines of chemical engineering and various fields of scientific research, as experts and scholars and their graduate students to provide a platform for academic exchanges. "Journal of Chemical Engineering," has always stood for academic democracy, freedom of submission. Of established strict procedures to ensure that every manuscript accepted manuscripts have been a fair and timely handling, protection and respect of their legal rights. While also consistently of the Submission, fraud and other academics to combat the negative atmosphere. The host institution of the "Journal of Chemical Engineering," given a great deal of care and support of the majority of authors and readers has placed affection and high hopes of attentive care of the editorial department of the growth and development. Today, "Journal of Chemical Engineering" has become a discipline of Chemical Engineering and Technology, one of the most important academic journals, but also by the attention of the international academic community. Of published papers have been used by many search agencies included the famous, such as: the United States, "Engineering Index" (EI Compendex), United States, "Chemical Abstracts" (CA), Russia's "Digest Magazine" (AJ), Royal Society of Chemistry " Chemical Engineering Abstracts, "CAS" Chinese Science Citation Index ", China Chemical Information Center," China Chemical Chemical Abstracts, "" Wanfang Data, "and so on. "Journal of Chemical Engineering" warm welcome from authors, readers and the community to continue to care given to the development of and contribute. (Translated by machine.)