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Cities and Towns Construction in Guangxi

ISSN 1672-7045 
Organizer: guang xi jian she xin xi zhong xin  
Publisher: guang xi cheng zhen jian she za zhi she  
Description: "Cities and Towns building" formerly known as the "Guangxi civil construction", founded in 1974. In 2002, in order to work with urbanization, expansion of surface and content of promotional content, the better for economic and social development, the State Press and Publication Administration and Ministry of Science and approved by its current name, the public offering comprehensive domestic and international journals. The publication is a charge of constructing the set of the Office of advocacy, guidance, science and technology in one of the construction of a comprehensive journal, is the construction of the system for accreditation of professional and technical personnel of the provincial papers published in one publication. Purpose of the magazine: publicize the party and government building principles, policies, regulations, research construction process of development, especially in the face of urban science, technology and planning, construction management. Cover: construction projects, survey and design, construction technology, rural construction, planning and landscape, urban construction, real estate, construction safety, project cost, innovative wall construction forum. Readers: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region government at all levels within and outside the region, especially the construction system and its leaders, experts, administrators, universities, research institutions and survey design experts, academics, management of enterprises building systems, engineering personnel. (Translated by machine.)