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Foreign Medical Sciences(Section Hygiene)

ISSN 1001-1226 
Organizer: zhong guo ji bing yu fang kong zhi zhong xin  
Publisher: guo wai yi xue bian ji bu  
Description: Foreign Medical Association journal information is available. Head of Health, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention sponsored by the Nutrition and food safety contractor, Harbin Medical University, School of Public Health co. Mainly in the review, compile reports and newsletters and other forms of foreign labor hygiene, occupational diseases, industrial poisoning, environmental health, environmental toxicology, nutrition and food hygiene, food toxicology, all the detection methods, child and adolescent health, hygiene areas The new results, new development, for the relevant research, teaching and provide timely health and disease control a large number of new information, new knowledge, new technology, new methods (Translated by machine.)