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Neural Injury and Functional Reconstruction

ISSN 1001-117X 
Organizer: hua zhong ke ji da xue tong ji yi xue yuan  
Publisher: shen jing sun shang yu gong neng zhong jian bian ji bu  
Description: Publication in the February 25, 2006 founded, is the head of the Ministry of Education, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science sponsored by the national medical journals, Yang Xiong, the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the Academy, served as honorary editor TRADITIONAL academicians from the Wuhan Tongji Hospital Director, Department of Neurology, Professor Wang Wei as the editor. International Neuroscience journal followed trends based on the nervous system diseases and clinical research of new trends, new technologies, new developments and new experiences, be real-time tracking, reporting, while the concerns of grassroots medical workers the clinical diagnosis , treatment methods, the relevant skills to be introduced, highlighting the scientific, innovative and practical. Articles theory with practice, popularization and improvement of the combination of the combination of domestic and foreign, exchange of academic research in the field of Neurology results and practical experience, to promote the cause of the rapid development of neurology. Welcome Neurology and Neurosurgery, medical and other sections of the clinicians, researchers at major research institutions, scholars, graduate students, doctoral students and teachers in medical colleges and other active contributors, subscription. (Translated by machine.)