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International Journal of Laboratory Medicine

ISSN 1673-4130 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui zhong qing shi wei sheng xin xi zhong xin  
Publisher: guo ji jian yan yi xue za zhi bian ji wei yuan hui  
Description: "International Journal of Laboratory Medicine" (formerly "American Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine"), founded in 1980, is the head of the Ministry of Health, by the Chinese Medical Association and the Chongqing Municipal Health Information Center sponsored a national level laboratory medicine academic journals . Comprehensive and systematic reflection of domestic and international achievements and developments in laboratory medicine, senior medical journals, medical reports internationally advanced scientific information and clinical experience unique to the majority of researchers, clinical biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, blood and other tests Medical workers and clinical medical staff as the main readers of medical workers engaged in laboratory medicine and medical researchers for basic research to improve their professional quality and technical level has important reference value. In recent years, has been included in the journal Chinese Science Citation Database medicine core journals, Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals, "China Journal" contains full text journals and the "China Academic Journal (CD)" full-text indexed journals. Special attention to the selection of journal articles in the advanced, scientific, timely and practical, since the founding of its innovative, and reports quickly and by the readers, of the praise and love. Articles Submission expert asked him and the combination of thematic focus each take the form of reports Chukan, more guidance for professionals. Articles welcome experimental studies, clinical studies of new theories, new progress of the review, introduction; new achievements in basic research, new technologies and new methods introduced; clinical examination and medical experts in related fields with the above comments, treatises, review , clinical research, Ji Jiao, Information Centres (including academic contention, technical exchanges, international academic exchange activities, study abroad reporting, network message, the meeting (discussion) minutes, comprehensive reports, news reports) and other sections of the manuscript. Topics and the Road to Success is mainly asked him the manuscript.  (Translated by machine.)