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International Journal of Radiation Medicine and Nuclear Medicine

ISSN 1673-4114 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui zhong guo yi xue ke xue yuan fang she yi xue yan jiu suo  
Publisher: guo ji fang she yi xue he yi xue za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Publication as a national medicine journal, the Ministry of Health leadership and planning "Journal" series of journals by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences sponsored by the Institute of Radiation Medicine. Radiation Medicine and Nuclear Medicine in research, clinical, teaching and related workers as the main audience, emphasis on foreign coverage of Radiation Medicine and Nuclear Medicine in the field of theory and practice of the two major new developments, new development, new technology and new experience , emphasizing the scientific nature of the article and timeliness.     2007 Chinese Medical Association and the Articles join hands to promote medical information services, electronic journal has an exclusive license to implement Articles to promote its digital services. (Translated by machine.)