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International Journal of Pediatrics

ISSN 1673-4408 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui zhong guo yi ke da xue  
Publisher: guo ji er ke xue za zhi she  
Description: "International Journal of Pediatrics," Introduction, "International Journal of Pediatrics" (original title International Journal of Pediatrics Volume) is the competent Ministry of Health, Chinese Medical Association Chinese Medical Association organized one magazine, founded in 1974, domestic public offering of state-level Department of Pediatrics professional journals, scientific papers Source Journals of China, China Science and Technology core journals. "International Journal of Pediatrics," Running for the purpose of carrying out the work of the party and the national health policies, implement the theory and practice of combining popularization with the raising of Publication, reflecting the international pediatric basic and clinical research areas of the latest developments, promoting academic exchanges . Thirty years, the magazine has always insisted on reporting the contents of scientific, practical, innovative, pediatric research in the field of the current hot spots and key issues to enhance orientation, the majority of pediatricians at all levels of clinical and medical students to gain a general welcome. Mainly for our readers and related disciplines in the pediatric clinical, teaching and research workers. "International Journal of Pediatrics," the major new publication reflects the progress in the field of Pediatrics, new trends, new technologies and new methods of review, of the, clinical experience, open up a review, national continuing medical education and foreign academic trends and other columns. Report content to both pediatric clinical and basic research, is the only area devoted to the latest contemporary pediatrics and pediatrics latest national professional journals. "International Journal of Pediatrics," the editorial board members from mainland China and Hong Kong and Taiwan well-known pediatrician scholars. Founded over 30 years, in the previous editorial board and members of the efforts of peer reviewers and readers of the concern and support of the magazine has made considerable progress and achievements. Ministry of Health in 2004 won the first national medical and health journals Excellent Award, the same year the Department of Liaoning Province, the title of outstanding editors. Chinese Medical Association in 2005, ninety Anniversary Celebration of the establishment of the Chinese Medical Association Journal won the best third place periodicals. And several were among Liaoning Province, "Journal of the provincial level." In the first "CAJ-CD specification" standard appraised campaign won "CAJ-CD specification," Executive Excellence Award. Present publication has been "China Science and Technology Papers and Citation Database" (CSTPCD), "Chinese Medical Periodical Literature Database" (CMCC), "Chinese Medical Citation Database" (CMCI), China Academic Journal (CJFD), " China Journal Net, "" Chinese Academic Journal (CD) "," Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database "," China's core journals (selection) database ", etc. included. Organized by international standards, periodicals, and printed in English copyright page, table of contents, abstracts. (Translated by machine.)