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Foreign Rolling Stock

ISSN 1002-7610 
Organizer: qing dao si fang che liang yan jiu suo you xian gong si  
Publisher: guo wai tie dao che liang bian ji bu  
Description: Publication issued by the state from public comprehensive technical publication, "China Academic Journal (CD) into the series periodical, founded in 1964, has repeatedly won the provincial, city and the Information Technology Achievement Award. Railway in 1996 was named the outstanding scientific and technological publications. "Foreign Rolling Stock" in line with the development of information resources and services, the spirit of the four modernizations and science and technology must serve economic development policy, according to China's technology policy heavy, high-speed, security, information, soft science, positive coverage for our country conditions of foreign advanced technology of railway vehicles, the development strategy for the technology and education services. Inside and outside the main audience is the way in the design and manufacture of railway vehicles, the use of maintenance vehicles, the majority of teaching and research workers and college teachers and students. "Foreign Rolling Stock," Review has reviewed the structural design, experimental study, the use of maintenance, technical diagnostics, standardization, figures manufacturers, machinery equipment, information dynamics, information, etc. more than ten kinds of small sections. (Translated by machine.)