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International Wood Industry

ISSN 1671-4911 
Organizer: zhong guo lin ye ke xue yan jiu yuan lin ye ke ji xin xi yan jiu suo  
Publisher: guo ji mu ye bian ji bu  
Description: International Timber "foreign information reporting to focus on, both inside and outside, using various forms of comprehensive coverage around the world wood production, sales, management, scientific research, technological development and other aspects of the status, trends and industry dynamics and so on. Wood magazine focusing on international development of China and China-related international market dynamics affecting the international market, China's wood industry and market dynamics, international trade information, international market prices and technological developments and other information. Magazine for the Chinese and foreign enterprises in the wood industry, senior management, industry management, research institutions, as well as wood industry, purchasing the majority of sales policy makers, providing them with China and the world wood production, management and development of the dynamic reports and comprehensive analysis. Readers all over the timber production, processing, use, building materials, furniture, machinery manufacturing, and other timber-related industries. (Translated by machine.)