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Territory & Natural Resources Study

ISSN 1003-7853 
Organizer: hei long jiang sheng ke xue yuan zi ran zi yuan yan jiu suo  
Publisher: guo tu yu zi ran zi yuan yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: Purpose of the magazine: to land development, population, resources and environment for sustainable development and technological exchanges to provide an arena to promote the related disciplines of theoretical research, application development and decision-making more scientific. ★ main audience: teachers and students related disciplines in tertiary institutions, researchers, government policy makers, producers of plant and animal resources development and application. ★ main forum sections: Land Planning and Development District, City, urban and rural construction of regional economic development environment for sustainable agriculture development and protection of ecological assessment of economic resources for contributors ★ Notes: 1 on the manuscript of the specific requirements of 1.1, posted a clear written proposal print version, do not double-sided printing, word and line spacing should not be too small, not too small figure line. With floppy disk. 1.2 The simple title, title text match. Body of the argument clear, credible arguments, textual clarity, structured, text, refining, length of not more than 6500 words is appropriate (with chart position). 1.3 Authorship preferably not more than three, with the unit, provincial and municipal (county), zip code and the English translation of the unit, the end attached to the first Author. 1.4 with English title, summary in English (about 200 words in Chinese and English about 250 content words), 3-5 English and Chinese keywords. Summary must specifically explain the purpose, methods, results and conclusions, highlighting the view that the reader can understand by reading the summary of the main points of the article. 1.5 Text-level division, is generally not more than four, all classification numbers to Arabic numerals, separated by dots under the inter-stage increase, numbers are the top left Quqi. 1.6 Use of legal units of measurement. Foreign letters, symbols, and are required to distinguish the case of italics, the subscript letters and obvious difference between high and low; in the easily confused for the letter next to the mark with a pencil. Abbreviated terms indicate the full name of the first mention in a timely manner. Table 1.7, Figure streamlined. Form a "three-sheet" form. 1.8 references a published literature, to be made in the text angle of injection and references listed. Quotations must be accurate. References contained in the journal by "[Number] authors. Version [J]. Title, year, volume (of): beginning and ending page number." Listing format; are monographs by "[Number] authors. Book Name [M]. version (version 1 not out). of publication: publisher, year of publication. beginning and ending page numbers (optional). "listing format; is precipitated from the papers concentrate on the literature by" [Number] authors. Version [A]. editor (optional). Proceedings were [C]. Publication: Publication (or collection) who, year of publication. beginning and ending page numbers. "listing format; set out in the newspapers by" [number] author. Version [N]. newspaper name, publication year - month - day (Revision). "listing format; other types of identification documents, please list all the contents. References listed only needed. 2 editorial articles will be intended to make the necessary amendments and deletions for a bigger changes, then consult with the author. Have special requirements such as the author, please Tougao declared. 3 contributions generally not refundable, please retention papers. CD-ROM publication was included in academic journals, and has been CNKI network. Contributions will be used 3 ways after publication, if the author disagrees, do not contribute. One or more submissions and vote is welcome. Within 3 months after submission no editorial reply, the author self-processing. 5 republication manuscript publication fee charge a handling fee and contributions, discretionary To print was published remuneration (pay and other forms of publication will not repeat) and presented the two current printing. (Translated by machine.)