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Journal of Gansu Institute of Public Administration

ISSN 1009-4997 
Organizer: gan su xing zheng xue yuan  
Publisher: gan su xing zheng xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Positioned as a government research journal, Journal of Proceedings of the administration, political science and administrative law of the rule of law and government in three sections. I follow the Government of the journal Journal of position, is trying to increase the level of the Journal. Major part of government management and reform, political science, administrative law research, basic research administration, the Government Performance, Public Research, Public Economics Research, Chinese cultural studies, the Government of China to demonstrate the field of high-level research and administrative research results. I am determined to become the administration of government research and academic exchange and development of important high-level platform for scholars and politicians to build the theoretical study and practical experience exchange Bridge. Academic colleagues expect the common care and support, and promote our journal to a higher level. I Journal of manuscript, the choice of an original or empirical, has a high theoretical value, or social effects of the manuscript. Journals of truth is my spiritual and academic philosophy. Reflected in the four real truth, the use of real solutions to real problems, the pursuit of true articles, research real knowledge. "Lu" is willing to increase damage to the daughter of the word, Du Yun: Quotes of the human secluded delay, language does not startle. The article really, really learning is so for me the realm of scholarship and the pursuit of scripture, but also the enthusiasm of looking forward with draft. Call for Papers focus: government reform, socio-economic development and public policy should be major topics of research and empirical analysis of policy; administration, political science and administrative law theory and cutting-edge original research study. Magazine that, as academic research, the necessary length of the article is the basic academic quality and standards of protection. Publication requirements in principle, contributions of not less than 8000 words, no more than 20,000 words, and please e-mail sent to the journal mailbox (gsxzxyxb@sina.com). (Translated by machine.)