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Journal of Gansu Sciences

ISSN 1004-0366 
Organizer: gan su sheng ke xue yuan  
Publisher: gan su ke xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Science publication is a comprehensive academic publications, founded in 1989, domestic public offering. Articles 13 to hire Academy of Sciences, as a consultant more than 30 Ph.D., Editorial Board, has been published 78, more than 1,500 papers published papers, including: National Foundation of paper, 10% provincial funds, 20% paper, citation application rate of 100%. Were China Science and Technology Statistics and analysis of core journals Science and Technology of China, Chinese Science Citation Database, Chinese core journals (selection) database, Articles, Tsinghua University Magazine on CD-ROM included. Gansu Province is excellent journal, enjoy a higher profile, the province welcomed scientists, universities and students contribute. (Translated by machine.)