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Chinese Journal of Spectroscopy Laboratory

ISSN 1004-8138 
Organizer: zhong ke yuan hua gong ye jin yan jiu suo  
Publisher: guang pu shi yan shi bian ji bu  
Description: Director of Chinese Academy of Sciences journal, Science Publishing House, domestic and international public offerings of Chinese core journal Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Chemical Metallurgy, Iron and Steel Research Institute and the Institute of Aeronautical Materials, and other units jointly; publishes spectroscopy , spectroscopy, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, chromatography and other academic disciplines of spectroscopy; publication re-pioneering, creative and practical value, while maintaining the premise of the paper published as soon as their sacred duties, the paper published in the normal cycle of 2-6 months, Express 0.5-1 months manuscript can be published. (Translated by machine.)