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CD Technology

ISSN 1006-6950 
Organizer: he nan sheng ke ji kai fa zong gong si  
Publisher: guang pan ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: Publishes computer and information technology and other related areas of basic research and technology application papers, covering subjects of research and development theory, hardware and software systems development, database and information management, network and communications technology, information security technology, information technology applied research (education information, enterprise information, the file management information, accounting information, manufacturing information, power information, traffic information, construction information, art information technology), and multimedia technologies and applications, graphics and image processing, automation, artificial intelligence and recognition technology and so on. Priority on national science and technology magazine published plans, Natural Science Foundation of China and various departments, localities, institutions and Technology Fund funded projects articles in computer and information technology research and application of relevant personnel may apply to the journal submission. ★ purpose of the magazine: 1995.6 years, has founded this newspaper in a "popularization of computer and information technology knowledge, to promote computer and information technology, exchange of economy and promote computer and information technology and other related areas of basic research and technology," the office Journal of purpose.  (Translated by machine.)