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Journal of Go-Moruo Studies

ISSN 1003-7225 
Organizer: si chuan guo mo ruo yan jiu xue hui  
Publisher: guo mo ruo xue kan bian ji bu  
Description: Guo Science is the only study to Guo as academic journals. Since founded in May 1987 has been based in Sichuan, the country, always adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party, insist on double-hundred and two for the direction of policy, in recognition of the fine Chinese culture as its mission to promote the construction and development of advanced culture as the driving force, actively seeking the same social, economic, and cultural meeting point continuously expand new areas of research, has introduced new results, much research scholars at home and abroad Guo attached great importance to a vast number of social scientists concerned about publication. Readers: social scientists, university teachers, research Guo enthusiasts. (Translated by machine.)