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China Fruit News

ISSN 1673-1514 
Organizer: zhong guo nong ye ke xue yuan gan jie yan jiu suo  
Publisher: zhong guo guo ye xin xi bian ji bu  
Description: Publication of information to communicate fruit industry, focusing industrial development, based on market analysis, forecasting market trends of the industry focus, hot and difficult issues, showcase the latest technological achievements. Financial information, practical guidance, and readability as one of China's fruit production, technology, trade and economic activities as well as business executives at all levels of government departments, large fruit market, enterprises, industry associations plan to provide reference for decision-making. Is the fruit industry at all levels of management, research and extension workers, specialized households, enterprises, associations staff, such as fruit producers and operators of essential industry publications; is showing the image of agriculture-related enterprises, the ideal platform to promote their products. (Translated by machine.)