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International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management

ISSN 1007-4546 
Organizer: xi bei gong ye da xue  
Publisher: guo ji she bei gong cheng yu guan li bian ji bu  
Description: Department of the State Science Commission approved publication of academic journals in English (ISSN1007-4546), sponsored by the Northwestern Polytechnical University, released to the public at home and abroad. Plant Engineering and Management is a comprehensive cross-disciplinary, it is characterized by work-based, engineering management with; to machine-based, mechanical and electrical integration. And relate to technical, economic and management aspects of the relevant content. Report focuses on the life of equipment (from design, manufacturing, sales, procurement, installation, height, modified, updated and even scrapped) General economic and management tools to make life cycle cost of the equipment the most economical, integrated for maximum efficiency. Who enthusiastically welcomed the submission. (Translated by machine.)