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Journal of National University of Defense Technology

ISSN 1001-2486 
Organizer: guo fang ke ji da xue  
Publisher: guo fang ke ji da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "University of Defense Technology University" is sponsored by the National Defense University and the director of engineering and a comprehensive academic journal Science, founded in 1956. Its main purpose is to attract outstanding manuscripts, reports the latest scientific research, to publish high quality journals, discover talents, develop talents and encourage academic exchanges. Technology is a bimonthly, domestic and foreign public offering.  of access to foreign databases or abstract publications are: the United States "EI page one database," U.S. "Chemical Abstracts" (CA), United States, "International Aerospace Abstracts" (IAA), the UK's "Science Digest" (SA ), Japan's "scientific and technical literature quick report" (CBST), Russia's "Digest Magazine" (РЖ), the United Kingdom "INSPEC database", Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Service Web site: Engineering Materials Abstracts (CSA-EMA), Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Service Web site: Electronics and Communications Abstracts and so on. Into the national database of publications or abstracts are: "Statistical Analysis of Chinese Articles Database", "Chinese Science Citation Database", "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database", "Electronic Technology Digest", "China Radio Electronics Abstracts," "China's Mathematical Digest", "China Mechanical Digest", "Chinese Physics Abstracts", "China Optics and Applied Optics Digest" and other `. Of text into the "China Academic Journal (CD)", "China Journal" and "Articles (ChinaInfo) system", the implementation of the paper print - CD-ROM - Network version of the Trinity Chukan mode. (Translated by machine.)