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Traffic Engineering and Technology for National Defence

ISSN 1672-3953 
Organizer: shi jia zhuang tie dao xue yuan  
Publisher: guo fang jiao tong gong cheng yu ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: "Defense Traffic Engineering and Technology" is the Ministry of Science, Press and Publications Administration approval guidance by the state Office of Traffic readiness technical journals. The aim is to implement the publication of President Jiang Zemin peacetime and wartime, the great strategic benefit of the people, promote the use of the latest achievements of modern science and technology, learn from successes and failures of ancient and modern wars, for building traffic engineering system of national defense modernization to provide technical services. To be in the modern railway, highway, waterway, aviation and communications and other fields of national defense research projects involving traffic engineering theory, engineering, promotion project example, national defense construction and national economic construction, welcome to submit! (Translated by machine.)