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Optoelectronic Technology

ISSN 1005-488X 
Organizer: nan jing dian zi qi jian yan jiu suo  
Publisher: guang dian zi ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: Articles by the China Ministry of Information Industry in charge, organized Nanjing Electronic Devices Institute, founded in 1981, is approved by the State Science and Technology Commission, public offering of academic journals. Since it began, several times revised, enriched content, providing additional columns, follow the world trend of optoelectronic technology, reported that the domestic photovoltaic industry, technological developments, in recent years has been "China Journal", "China Academic Journals" (CD) contains full text and the United States, "Chemical Abstracts" (CA) cited employment as the Journal also won the Ministry of Information Industry Awards in 2000 and 2002 Editorial standardized outstanding Series title in Jiangsu Province, was named a journal. Publication covers the flat panel display, optical communication, infrared (UV) camera, vacuum devices, thin film, laser technology, automation, computer and various testing techniques, which involve the photoelectric conversion of the new technology, new materials, new equipment, new products and related devices, machine, production line applications. In the majority of experts, scholars, teachers, students and institutions related to plant engineering and technical staff of the care and support, range of distribution throughout the country, covering the entire optical industry and the capital of libraries and most of the universities. This publication to publish academic papers, research reports and comprehensive review based. News publishing system in recent years the idea of serving the market under the guidance of the first line should be the majority of readers of scientific and technological requirements of production and gradually introduce the dynamic field of optoelectronic information industry. Here, welcomed the publication industry, academia, R & D system with lofty ideals ideas, and jointly promote the development of publication, in particular, welcome all new ideas, new cultures used in the practice journal. (Translated by machine.)