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Journal of Guangdong University of Business Studies

ISSN 1008-2506 
Organizer: guang dong shang xue yuan  
Publisher: guang dong shang xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Guangdong University of Business" is sponsored by Guangdong University of Business to study economics, management-based comprehensive academic journals. Founded in 1986, formerly known as "Theory and Practice of Business", "Business Forum" in 1998, approved by the General Administration of domestic public offering in 1999, is to switch title. "Guangdong University of Business" Since it began, and always adhere to the correct direction of running, to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, adhere to the Party's basic line, carrying out two-hundred policy, promote academic democracy, promotion of scientific research, exchange scientific research, and actively adapt to the needs of the socialist market economy, enthusiasm for teaching, research and academic activities in services. "Guangdong University of Business" is the higher of Economic and Financial Institutions, is also an open, social, professional and academic journals. It tracks the forefront, capturing hot, emphasize quality, outstanding features. Set in the column on the subject not only to pay attention to the school advantages, research strengths, and reflects the combination of Law and Business, reflecting the regional characteristics, in order to promote the economy in Guangdong, especially in the economic development of the Pearl River Delta region. In addition to opening up financial theory, business management, consumer economy, financial research, tax research, international economy, Guangdong's economy, market economy and law and other traditional sections, but in recent years also add economic essays, academic contention, business research and other special sections Guangdong . Major economic sectors and related disciplines published a certain academic standards, innovative or high value of the papers, the investigation report and to reflect the new trends in domestic and international academic, the new synthesis of theory; published with particular emphasis on regional characteristics of Guangdong, the Regional economic development has a certain theoretical significance of the original research. "Guangdong University of Business Studies" has always been to improve the quality of the Journal highlight the Journals in the first place, focus on the planning perspective, social; in the election is issued on the importance of innovation, academic, applied, attention to accuracy when the pipeline , when the note layout standardization, in strict accordance with the "social journal quality management standards" and the "National Liberal Arts Colleges Standard Layout" layout manuscript. "Guangdong University of Business Studies" has a high academic level by the senior editorial board of scholars to do academic guidance, by the Guangdong associate dean Professor Yu Haifeng chief editor, with an excellent editorial team. Public offering in 1999, the second document selections rates, citation rates rising, the main assessment of Journal of indicators in the country ranked among the top class, was named 2002 National Outstanding Social Science Journal, 2006, was named the National hundred Journal of Social Science and Humanities and Social Sciences of selected core journals in China. Warmly welcome the editorial department of economic theory researchers and practitioners active Cigao. (Translated by machine.)