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Journal of Architectural Education in Institutions of Higher Learning

ISSN 1005-2909 
Organizer: zhong qing da xue zhong guo jian she jiao yu xie hui pu tong gao deng jiao yu zhuan ye wei yuan hui  
Publisher: gao deng jian zhu jiao yu bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1983, publicly released in 1992. Journal publication adhere to the correct direction and purpose of the magazine, the development of socialist education, the revitalization of architectural education reform institutions of higher learning, and promote architectural improve the quality of higher education teaching responsibility for the development of the theory of Architectural Education in China thought, on the school policy, system, teaching content of education reform were extensively discussed, and new theories, perspectives, ideas and important decision-making recommendations. Oriented publication is correct, scientific refining, layout reasonable, guidance, academic, practical, and readable. (Translated by machine.)