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Journal of Higher Education Research

ISSN 1672-8874 
Organizer: guo fang ke xue ji shu da xue  
Publisher: gao deng jiao yu yan jiu xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Higher Education Research" by the PLA General Political Department and the State Press and Publication Administration approved the public offering of the official journal. Journal founded in 1978 and is currently the only permitted within the military academies have CN ISSN, ISSN ISSN higher education research journals. Always grasp the magazine and the military struggle and to adapt to the needs of modernization, particularly the military academies for the higher education reform and development services, education, purpose of the magazine, focusing on highlighting the distinct features of the military higher education, to continue to study the cause of higher education, for the country and the army reform and contribute to the development of higher education. Higher Education magazine has a theory, higher education administration, military education and training, teaching research and practice, introduction of foreign higher education, comprehensive research and other columns. Welcome to Higher Education researchers and outside the military, education practitioners actively submit!  (Translated by machine.)