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Pipeline Technology and Equipment

ISSN 1004-9614 
Organizer: shen yang yi biao ke xue yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: guan dao ji shu yu she bei bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is the best domestic and international public offering of state-level science and technology journals, Journal of Chinese scientific papers for statistical purposes, the Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals, core journals of China (selection) database contains journals, Science and Technology Journals Indexed in Chinese journals, China Petroleum & literature Indexed journals, is the pipeline industry a comprehensive, practical, technical journals. Magazine is a bimonthly, national unity ISSN: CN21-1312/TH, International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1004-9614. Magazine features: practical and forward-looking co-existence; skills and experience to blend; both professional and comprehensive. Journal Objective: exchange of academic and information, communication firms and customers. Articles spirit: striving for excellence. Magazine readers: petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, environmental protection, energy, water, construction, heating system, coal, gas, pipelines and other areas of the city's vast underground engineering and technical personnel, design and use of personnel. (Translated by machine.)