Research in Higher Education of Engineering 1001-4233
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Research in Higher Education of Engineering

ISSN 1001-4233 
Organizer: hua zhong ke ji da xue zhong guo gong cheng yuan jiao yu wei yuan hui zhong guo gao jiao xue hui gong cheng jiao yu zhuan ye wei yuan hui quan guo zhong dian da xue li gong ke jiao gai xie zuo zu  
Publisher: gao deng gong cheng jiao yu yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1983. Since 1992, four consecutive been rated as the Chinese core journals; November 1998 the establishment of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Education Committee, decided to publication as a journal; is the only study of a national engineering education for the authority of academic journals . Since 2005, increasing the page number, expanding layout, sensitive antennae, innovative ideas, quality of Manuscripts, timely, comprehensive, in-depth reflection of higher education, particularly in the development process of higher engineering education and research, by the Gaojiao community and the engineering sector wide acclaim. (Translated by machine.)