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Journal of Engineering Design

ISSN 1006-754X 
Organizer: zhe jiang da xue zhong guo ji xie gong cheng xue hui  
Publisher: gong cheng she ji xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Springer is Germany's leading publication published by the well-known publication "Konstruktion" Journal of the Chinese version of sisters, the Chinese government approved the first technical product design and international cooperation in the field of publications. One of the features is reflected in the published domestic product in the engineering design theory, methods and technology research and its application in the industrial sector, research papers, while the German translation of the news organizations, a new paper introduced to Chinese readers. Editorial policy is to focus on application and development research, to take care of significant value or prospects of fundamental research; encouraged to integrate theory with practice, academia and industry cooperation, the pursuit of highly academic and highly practical unity; the paper as Lord, and reports of academic and training activities, full attention to engineering design and industrial product information exchange, regular publication of professional advertising.  (Translated by machine.)