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Engineering Blasting

ISSN 1006-7051 
Organizer: zhong guo gong cheng bao po xie hui  
Publisher: gong cheng bao po bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is the journal of China Association of blasting, blasting by the Chinese Association, the State Office of Science and Technology approved a national science and technology journal (quarterly), domestic public offering. Blasting practice and its application to the main report of the content, the report blasting sector in research, engineering design, construction management, security, product development and theoretical research in the field associated with the new achievements, new trends and exchange different set blasting deep hole blasting, underground mining blasting, blasting, water blasting, special blasting, blasting safety, blasting tests, blasting equipment, blast processing technology and equipment, chisels, rock machine, etc. have a higher academic level and application of science and technology thesis, project review and management experience, and Piyou expert personnel, research and academic trends, blasting messages, the trade association of major events and technical seminars and other special sections, and published related services. (Translated by machine.)