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Journal of RTV University

ISSN 1008-0597 
Organizer: zhong yang guang bo dian shi da xue wei tuo nei meng gu guang bo dian shi da xue zhu ban  
Publisher: guang bo dian shi da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1998, commissioned by the Central Radio and TV, Inner Mongolia TV host, is the National Radio and TV University, the highest academic journals. "Of" Being in the National TV, for the academic community, to absorb the essence of scientific research, create fine periodicals purpose of the magazine under the guidance of the creation of more than 30 columns, and hired well-known experts as presenters, which all students sponsored by the Yin "report Literature ", Pei Xiansheng hosted" Journalism and Communication Studies ", Lin Fei, Liu Xiqing, Wang Zhimin sponsored" Literary Research ", Ambivalence and choice presided over the" writing studies ", Journal of Binhua presided over the" economic management research ", Shi Wen is hosted by "legal research", Liu shocked the sea, Rui presided over the "Ethnic Studies" and other columns in the country caused great repercussions. (Translated by machine.)