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ISSN 1005-2054 
Organizer: fang zhi gong ye fei zhi zao bu ji shu kai fa zhong xin  
Publisher: fei zhi zao bu bian ji bu  
Description: "Non-woven fabric" is the only journal in the domestic and international public offering of non-woven professional publications (ISSN-2054/CN21-1308/TS), the main post and access of international and domestic non-woven fabric industry, technology, economic dynamics , Technology, product development, digestion and absorption of imported technology, equipment modification, business management and information newsletters and corporate ads (Advertising Business License No. 2100005000053) and so on. 16 of the International Standard magazine format, from 2006 to bimonthly, every bi-monthly publication of the 25th, running the distribution. Priced at 15 yuan / period (including postal charges), the year a total of 90 (including postal charges). Readers are welcome to subscribe to units and individuals. Subscription fee may be through bank or postal remittance and money order in detail stated Subscribe by zip code, address, unit and name, may also ask for the order to this editorial, by the subscribers to fill out and mail them back (or fax) the editorial department. (Translated by machine.)