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Basic Sciences Journal of Textile Universities

ISSN 1006-8341 
Organizer: xi an gong cheng da xue quan guo fang zhi jiao yu xue hui  
Publisher: fang zhi gao xiao ji chu ke xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the Xi'an University of Technology (formerly the Northwest Institute of Textile Science) sponsored a comprehensive academic journal. It is the prosperity of science and culture, promoting academic exchanges, found that training personnel to promote the modernization as the purpose of the magazine. Publishes math, physics, chemistry, mechanics and the five basic subjects of English in the theoretical research, applied research or practical thoughtful academic, research and review of such presentations. Readers of natural scientists, teachers and graduate students and other institutions of higher learning. Call for Papers for the country wide publication. For high academic standards, innovative manuscripts priority published remuneration favorably. (Translated by machine.)