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Journal of East China Institute of Technology(Social Science)

ISSN 1001-635X 
Organizer: dong hua li gong xue yuan  
Publisher: dong hua li gong xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, organized by the East China Institute of comprehensive academic publications. Their main task is to reflect the East China Institute of Social Science teaching and the latest scientific research, active academic atmosphere, and promote academic exchanges, as the socialist modernization drive. Readers object to the teaching of relevant disciplines, researchers and international institutions of higher learning and students. This publication published literature, history, philosophy, economics, government, law, arts, education and other academic research papers, concerned about the development of cutting-edge discipline, pay attention to academic innovation, support of major theoretical and practical issues of academic exploration and different academic points of view and contention. (Translated by machine.)