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Journal of Water Resources and Architectural Engineering

ISSN 1672-1144 
Organizer: xi bei nong lin ke ji da xue  
Publisher: shui li yu jian zhu gong cheng xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: The journal is "CAJ-CD" best execution journals, Shaanxi Province, excellent journal, the "Articles - Digital Periodicals" full Internet access, selected the "core journals of China (selection) Database", "Chinese Academic Journal (CD) "Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database ﹑ ﹑ China Journal Net. Take into account the technical publications for scholarly publication. Publishes academic and scientific and technological achievements, exchange of academic experience. Main areas of expertise include: hydraulics, sediment, hydrology and water resources, soil conservation and watershed management, river and waterway management, hydraulic structures, irrigation, geotechnical engineering, materials and structures, and water utilities, civil construction planning, investigation, design, and scientific research. (Translated by machine.)