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Journal of laparoscopic surgery

ISSN 1009-6612 
Organizer: shan dong da xue  
Publisher: fu qiang jing wai ke za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "Laparoscopic Surgery" in 2000, the State Press and Publication Administration and Ministry of Science and 9 menstrual approved formally by the National Issues (CN37-1361 / R, ISSN1009-6612), sponsored by the Shandong University, is the only professional laparoscopic publications, but also Chinese Medicine Laparoscopic Surgery, Endoscopic Surgery Group Branch of professional journals, core journals Science and Technology of China, bimonthly, large 16 mo, 90 yards, domestic and international public offering, for the major hospitals, medical schools and libraries emailed, about running the 2500 release, publication in 2002 was named the third best journals in east China. And in the January 3, 2001 to obtain the advertising business license, permit number: 3700004000166. Hundred Flowers publication adhere to, based on clinical, implementing the theory and practice, clinical and scientific research, popularization and improvement of the approach, realistic and timely reports on laparoscopic surgery of the new technology, new experiences, new clinical research monographs, lessons learned, case analysis , anesthesia and nursing care to promote the research results of laparoscopic surgery. Magazine issued a total of 29, more than 900 articles published manuscripts, the main columns are Review, monographs, review, clinical manager, case reports, each issue published in well-known lessons learned from laparoscopic experts, seminars, and published in China Dr. Guo Baoxian United Christian Hospital, Hong Kong, the English text. Contributions from, including Hong Kong's 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. 2001 publication by Articles, cmcc, cbm, and other important medical reference sites and databases, CD-ROM or online through the Inter net search may inspect, and "The Core Journals in China data" included. "Laparoscopic Surgery" Editorial Board of more than 50 major hospitals from home and abroad more than 110 people, including editorial board of 3 Hong Kong, Taiwan 1, United States, Japan, 1 each, are famous experts in laparoscopic surgery , Advisor: Zhiqiang, Li Zhaoting, editor: Jiangxi Hong, Shou Nan Hai, Deputy Editor: Liu Guoli, Zheng Min-Hua, FENG, Xu Dahua Hu Sanyuan, Zhang Baoshan, Wang Qiusheng, which Liu Guoli, Zheng Huawei People Laparoscopic Surgery Branch of Chinese Medical Endoscopy surgery team of consultants, team leader, Editorial Director: Hu triple, special municipalities across the province to 43 laparoscopic outstanding as contributing editor of workers. (Translated by machine.)