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Collection of Women's Studies

ISSN 1004-2563 
Organizer: quan guo fu lian fu nv yan jiu suo zhong guo fu nv yan jiu hui  
Publisher: fu nv yan jiu lun cong bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1992, is the domestic and international public offering of the national academic journals. Research field is the most talked about women's publications, as a rare sincerity Academy women friends. In the "FORUM" founded on the occasion, Comrade Chen Muhua and Lei Jieqiong magazine is pleased to inscription: the progress of the cause of women do need the guidance of scientific theory to study the theory of women, promote women's movement. The purpose of the magazine publication is: adhere to the guidance of Marxist views on women, based on China's national conditions, the use of multidisciplinary knowledge and methods, multi-level perspective of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, process, and facing the development of women's liberation important theoretical and practical issues, promote women's cause. It has always pursued the policy of double hundred, promote emancipating the mind and encourage different viewpoints of academic contention and exploration. In the wide range of publications among the women, with its unique style and profound culture, heritage to attract a large number of academic interest in women's development, and keen researcher of gender equality and foreign scholars and practitioners. "LAW" is required to be the cause of women development and women's research and development theory and available for calls. It is out of step with the times each closely linked. Women's movement in each and every time a major cause of important issues facing women's development will "FORUM" is reflected. It reflects the reality, but not sentence mud in reality, in theory, the forward-looking and consistent pursuit. Home and abroad through creative academic point of view of the promotion, "FORUM" has been placed in the forefront of women's studies area. (Translated by machine.)