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Powder Metallurgy Industry

ISSN 1006-6543 
Organizer: zhong guo gang yan ke ji ji tuan gong si zhong guo gang xie fen mo ye jin fen hui zhong guo ji xie fen mo ye jin zhuan ye xie hui  
Publisher: fen mo ye jin gong ye bian ji bu  
Description: Metallurgical Technology Metallurgy professional journals. By the Iron and Steel Research Institute, China Steel Association Powder Metallurgy Association, China Association Mechanical Metallurgy professional publications. The aim is to promote the development of powder metallurgy industry, the relevant state policies; exchange of powder metallurgy enterprises and institutions of scientific research and production techniques and management experience; promotion of powder metallurgy technology, new materials, new techniques, new equipment and new applications; promote scientific and technological achievements in industry and commercialization; dissemination of information and technology developments at home and abroad for national economic construction. Part of "Research and Review," "business and management", "standard profile", "policies", "Industry News", "foreign information", "network information", and "proprietary information" and so on. The reader is engaged in metallurgy research, design, production, application and teaching of science and technology engineers, managers, teachers and students and the general workers. Publication is "Chinese Articles Source Journals", "China Science and Technology Core Journals", "Chinese Science Citation Database source journals", "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals." By the U.S., "Chemical Abstracts" (CA) and the United Kingdom "Metal Powder Report" (MPR) included. (Translated by machine.)