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Fujian Analysis & Testing

ISSN 1009-8143 
Organizer: fu jian sheng fen xi ce shi xie hui fu jian sheng ce shi ji shu yan jiu suo  
Publisher: fu jian fen xi ce shi bian ji bu  
Description: "Analysis and Testing" (FUJIAN ANALYSIS & TESTING) founded in October 1992, is the Fujian Association for Instrumental Analysis, Fujian Institute of Testing Technology sponsored professional journals to the combination of academic and practical features, for domestic and foreign public offering. Has now been more than ten kinds of domestic and international publications and databases included in the main search, adding China Journal Net, the National Digital Periodicals. Journal with research report, summary and progress, research presentations, technology and application, equipment maintenance, and other columns, and contains chromatography, spectroscopy, non-destructive testing and other aspects of New Books, academic activities in the province newsletter, meetings, etc. Call for Papers . Medium, high technology, education, supervision, inspection, research scientists and management professionals and the general chemical analysis for the major audience for the majority of workers and tertiary students to read, but also books, intelligence, science and technology necessary References. (Translated by machine.)