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Protection Forest Science and Technology

ISSN 1005-5215 
Organizer: hei long jiang sheng sen lin yu huan jing ke xue yan jiu yuan guo jia lin ye ju san bei fang hu lin jian she ju hei long jiang sheng san bei lin ye jian she zhi dao zhan  
Publisher: fang hu lin ke ji bian ji bu  
Description: Is the only publication to focus on scientific research and reporting forest ecological system of professional journals. Coverage of the six ecological projects are being implemented, specifically including agricultural protection forest, soil and water conservation forest, grassland shelterbelt, windbreak and sand fixation, and the coastal forests, returning farmland to forest and grassland, wetland and biodiversity conservation projects and other aspects of scientific and technological achievements, practical technology. Based on the forefront of scientific research journal shelterbelts, hold high the banner of forest ecology to promote the party's forestry policy to promote scientific and technological achievements, thus speeding up the pace of building the shelter system. (Translated by machine.)