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Criminal Research

ISSN 1671-1130 
Organizer: shang hai shi fan zui xue xue hui  
Publisher: fan zui yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: "Crime" magazine is the head of Shanghai Federation of Social Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Criminology, organized by the State Press and Publication Administration approved the publication of the theory of professional publications, Issues for the CN31-1809 / D. Journal founded in 1981, was originally called "forensic research", in 1983 a journal of Shanghai Society of Criminology. "Crime" crime pay close attention to the forefront of the dynamic hot spots, tracking legislative developments in a timely manner, emphasizing the connection of theory and practice, comprehensive crime, psychology, sociology, science and other disciplines detection theory, multi-faceted, multi-angle, various levels of crime and with the current social situation, comprehensive results of the present study, in order to combat and prevent crime and build a harmonious society, safe community to provide practical guidance and theoretical basis. "Crime" The main part of theoretical research, economic crime research, special PEN, practice and exploration, the prosecutor forum, outside perspective, etc., informative, innovative ideas. "Crime" magazine issued by the post office since 2003, combined with the self-management issue, and formally by the 48 to 80 pages, a unique field of criminology academic journals and national law core journals. (Translated by machine.)