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Journal of Ezhou University

ISSN 1008-9004 
Organizer: e zhou da xue  
Publisher: e zhou da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Ezhou University" founded in 1988, has consistently adhered to since the founding Hundred Flowers policy of increasing the academic standards of publication, the publication highlights the progressive personality. Publication of the journal idea is: adhere to the clear and correct political orientation, political theory, but not accomplishing publication, but stressed the scientific nature of truth; adhere to the scientific research and serve economic construction, but not blindly instant success, and pains in the metaphysical and metaphysical inclusive, with particular emphasis on areas of spiritual and cultural development; attention to the school academic support personnel, school teachers focus on showing the results creating a research and teaching, but not Own Prison, inbreeding, and sought to broaden channels of communication, to absorb a little more cutting-edge scientific research campus , the formation of hybrid vigor. The idea of this, magazine editing and publishing work in the efforts to cultivate its own proper characteristics: Academic combination of theory and practice; academic vision and the breadth of the domain local and packages; academic and popular hot spot compatible; Arguments for different academic perspectives. Sought on academic showing of all the innovative spirit, the heavy sense of content and style Pusu Jian reality. "Ezhou University" in the calendar year of continuous quality checks by the higher authorities of the recognition, in academia and in society more and more attention, the second published increasing year by year. "Xinhua Digest," the Chinese People's University Press copy data center, "Journal of Liberal Arts Digest" and other national information-gathering units have reproduced, summaries and reports; a number of national and provincial libraries are long-term continuous order collection; and National public offering hundreds of academic journals to establish a long-term exchange relations; is the source continuously expanding, and of young scholars from doctoral to senior experts from the Academy of Social Sciences Institute of University lecturers to constitute a multi-level essays draft man team to ensure the freshness of and academic quality. Twice won the magazine of the National Award for outstanding municipal university, the first national "Chinese Academic Journal (CD) Retrieval and Evaluation of Specification" ("CAJ-CD specification," Journal of the implementation of outstanding awards.) In 2006, the fifth of the college was awarded the Outstanding Technology of Hubei Province, the third outstanding social science. (Translated by machine.)